Gaslight Bar & Grill

dress sexy!

For those that are on; we have a group: Gaslight Coastal Connections.  We have our events posted their as well!

Luck of the Irish

Saturday, March 17

Everyone loves partying on St. Patrick's Day!  What better place to have fun then at Gaslight with sexy people!  Costume contest at midnight as long as we have at least five people interested!  No cover charge!

Gentleman Prefers Blondes

Saturday, February 24

​Just a fun party idea! If you are a fan of the movie, Marilyn Monroe, of blondes in general or just looking for an opportunity to be a blonde for a night, then this party is for you! How sexy are we going to make this party? We will have a costume contest for the hottest blonde bombshell, as long as we have at least 5 people willing to participate. Winner gets $50 cash! No cover charge and lots of sexy, fun loving people! Our last event packed the place, so please that in mind if you are wanting a seat at the bar. Let's have some fun!


7 Deadly Sins

Saturday, March 3

Thursday's at 8 p.m.  we will have sex trivia!  Test your knowledge.  It will cover human sexuality as well as other topics that involve sex.  $25 bar tab to the winner/winning team.

Playboy Bunny

Saturday, March 31

Hours of Operation

Sunday   Will be open at 4 on Feb. 4(Super Bowl Sunday)
Monday 4:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m.  $2.00 Beer/ $4 Blow Job(shot)
Tuesday 4:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. $3.00 House Liquor/$4 Sweet Tight Pussy shot
Wednesday 4:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. $4 Mel's Lemon Drop
Thursday 4:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. Ladies Night! $3.00 House Liquor/ $3.00 Wine/$4 Banana Split
Friday 4:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. Fire Friday! Fireball and Jack Fire $3.00
Saturday 4:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. All Tequila shots $5.00 
Happy Hour Monday- Friday 4:00-7:00$3.00 House Liquor and Beer

For those that like to go in the rear; we do have parking and an entrance in the back of the building. 
We do not have a dress code.  Jeans and a shirt are fine or something nicer or even something really sexy!  There's no judgement!  Everyone is welcome, no matter the lifestyle you are in!

Gaslight Photo Shoot Event

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The event will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and when signing up will choose morning or afternoon and then Kevin will contact you with the specific time.  Photo area will be in a private area of the bar unless you wish otherwise and will use your outfit(s).  Ask Melissa for details and to sign up! 


For whatever reason, when you click the link, it wants to say it can't find the address.  It is 3100 U.S. 17 Business Murrells Inlet, SC or 3100 Highway 17 Business. 

Yes, we do group events, birthday parties, anniversary parties, etc.; however, we don't do private parties on our busier nights. This alienates our customers so we don't feel like that is fair.  If you are interested and want to know if a certain day or time is available, please feel free to ask.  If you would like to have a group event, talk to Melissa about possibilities.